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Sea Rovers
"The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness." Joseph Conrad
  • Do you hear the call of the Sea?

    Can you hear her murmur now that she has fed on the blood of land dwellers? She whispers of the power of life and it is her stirring that wakes the Gods of the Salt and of the Bone. Horrible creatures have been formed from wood and bone, salt and gunpowder. And now the Gods cast out their Blessings....and their curses.

    18+ | No Word Count | Eldritch Golden Age of Piracy 1706

  1. New Providence Island

    1. Nassau

      nassautown.jpgNassau is the major harbour town of New Providence. Pirates have expelled the Spanish occupation and established enough control of the region to declare it an independent republic. They avoid attacking English ships, preying instead on the Spanish and French.

      The town is home to a variety of personalities and sports businesses such as the brothel and inn. Dotted amongst the businesses are houses that are claimed by inhabitants through force or wealth.

    2. The Rest of New Providence Island

      proisland.png.b589d66fbc985e0151fc70584b6557d2.pngNew Providence is 21 miles, from East to West. And seven miles, from North to South. She is mostly flat and covered in bushwood, extensive lagoons and mosquito breeding swamps.

      Beyond Nassau lies a section of land that has been settled by an area that is collectively called the Farmlands. The Farmlands are occupied by farmers, land owners, clergy, a magistrate and some craftsmen to support them. Farms are often difficult to establish on a large scale on New Providence Island. Land owners have to work around the lagoons that cover the Island. Arguably, the lagoons and swamps could be filled, but such an undertaking is a significant investment.

  2. Everywhere Else

    1. The Bahamas

      bahamas.jpg.72662729dbad711c657c8831e6f27d9d.jpgThe Bahamas are a group of tropical islands that England is trying to pacify. New Providence Island is but one of those islands.

    2. Everywhere Else

      0_everywhereelse.jpgFor threads that take place anywhere else in the world.

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